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When was OmegaPro Established?

OmegaPro was Founded in early 2019 OmegaPro became a pioneer in online trading. Initially specializing in Forex and Crypto trading, we expanded the range of products to indices, shares, commodities, ETFs, and options.

With our customer’s trust and our expertise in delivering a first-class trading environment, we continue to expand our reach in the financial sector

We Have a Host of Instruments to Trade with!

We cover more than 200 trading instruments ranging from currencies and commodities to indices.

What We Stand For

Where Technology and Transparency Meets Excellence of Ease Trading to excel Success for unending Growth


Strategy is what makes the impossible possible, OmegaPro has a core Strategy to deliver the Possibilities which look impossible

Team Work

They are Human and Reliable OmegaPro Team is Highly Graduated and Professional Team to deliver Bundle of Services.


The key to Understand Better. Reach us 24/7 at our client support and stay Updated

How Can You Become A Partner With Omegapro

The Company is made up of Experienced Employees who are very Familiar with FOREX and CRYPTO in the world.

Omegapro World Founder

Founder/CEO - Mr Andreas Szakacs

OmegaPro Co Founder

Co-Founder - Mr Dilawar Singh

Strategic Adviser - Mr Mike Sims

omegaproworld directors

The OmegaPro Management Team

I don’t know if this is for you Sir / Ma, in all honesty, OmegaPro has changed so many lives around the world, OmegaPro is legitimate and legalized all over the world.

There is no need to fear, OmegaPro is the only multi-million dollar commercial company with a globally legalized banking system. You are privileged to be informed about this incredible business opportunity.
The best way to find out if OmegaPro is real and legitimate is to participate as a registered Partner, even if you initially start with the smallest package.

OmegaPro has proven to be the best and safest place to invest anywhere in the world!

Why you should be part of OmegaPro's world-class business ecosystem

Get the benefits from forex and crypto now!

OmegaPro offers several types of assistance and trading assists to traders to maximize their potential. In addition to that, we are one of the top automated systems with different options for exchanging volume, serving a large number of clients in more than 100 nations. Our Trading futures exchanges a tremendous volume every day, and is broadly understood to be the highest quality level for the investment-based business around the world.

What Drives Us Ahead

We Choose to be authentic in what we do.


Profits At It's Best

A trading procedure is the strategy for purchasing and selling in markets that depends on predefined rules used to settle on trading choices.

OMEGAPRO is a service provider that deals only with regulated Traders who only enter the market for High probability trades.

OMEGAPRO brokers don’t go for High Risk or medium risk trades.

Hence our daily expected outcome from any of the trading packages you buy is 0.45% (Low risk is what keep us in the market.